The Beatles have perennially refused to put their catalogue on any digital download sites, despite a little-known site called BlueBeat stocking the fab four's tracks at knock-down prices.

But if you want to get your hands on legitimate digital recordings of your Beatles tracks, you can now do so in the form of an apple-shaped 16GB USB stick stuffed with everything a Beatles' fan could possibly desire, short of Ringo's underwear.

The drives contain the 14 stereo Beatles albums in lossless FLAC 44.1Khz 24-bit, which will satisfy any audio purists, as well as 320kbps MP3s for those who care more about storage space and compatibility on their mp3 player. There's also a pile of liner notes, album art, photos and mini-documentary films about each album.

There's only 100 of the drives available to the UK, and they're up for pre-order now for the rather costly sum of £200. They'll be available from 7 December.