While PC-owning book worms wait for Amazon's release of its new "Kindle for PC" software, it seems Mac users have not been forgotten, confirming to the Fast Company magazine's blog that it will be offering a similar software solution for Macs.

With the short but sweet "Yes, we are working on a Kindle app for Mac" statement, an Amazon spokesperson has revealed Mac users won't be left out in the cold - just as well considering Amazon boss Jeff Bezos' plans to make the Kindle "the iPod of reading".

The Kindle for PC software is due next month as a free download for those with Windows-based PCs. It will mean Amazon customers without a Kindle device will be able to buy Kindle ebooks to read via their computers.

The move will mean Kindle books will soon be able to be read on the Kindle and the larger Kindle DX, on the iPhone and iPod touch, on PCs and laptops and (hopefully) soon - on Macs too.