Lovefilm, the online DVD rental service, has announced that it'll be hosting the UK's first live streaming premiere of a movie. It's a film called Vinyan, which is about a couple looking for their child, lost during 2004's Tsunami.

The movie will be screened at exactly the same time as the West End premiere of the film, which begins at 7pm on 25 September. After the screening, there'll be a Q&A with Rufus Sewell and Fabrice Du Welz. Questions will be submitted online and posed by LoveFilm's editor Helen Cowley.

LoveFilm launched a streaming movie service on its website recently, and tens of thousands of films are available for free if you're a member, or on a pay-per-view basis if you're not. The movie will show up in cinemas on 2 October, and be available for pay-per-view online streaming on on 15 October.