has announced it is taking the step into the digitally distributed games market with its latest project, aptly named "Amazon Game Downloads".

The service kicks off its beta in the States today, and has over 600 casual titles up for grabs for under $10 each. You will be required to download a 3MB client to aid with the downloads, but users have been assured it isn't "invasive".

Also, for the first week, Amazon will be offering full versions of Jewel Quest 2, Build-a-lot and The Scruffs for free to get you started.

As for whether we'll see any bigger, less casual games on the service in the future, vice president of video games and software at Amazon, Greg Hart, has said the company would first wait and see how things go during the beta before making any solid decisions or announcements on where to take the service.

As it's on, you need an American address to sign up. If you have one, be sure to let us know if you try it out, and what you think of it.