When MySpace Music was made official in April, three of the big four music labels - Sony BMG, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group - had already signed up.

The fourth - EMI - joined the initiative months later, but the only indie distributor was The Orchard, and the others felt like they had been snubbed.

But MySpace has now announced a partnership with major indie distributor, IODA, which means more than a million new tracks will soon be available.

Artists with tracks available will include Animal Collective, the London Symphony Orchestra, Billie Holiday, CAKE, They Might Be Giants, Presidents of the USA, Ray Charles, and Yo La Tengo.

But will MySpace also do deals with the likes of indie collectives Merlin and A2IM?

Ars Technica put this question to Frank Hajdu, MySpace Music's executive director, and he said: "We continue active talks with Merlin, and welcome all their members to MySpace Music".

MySpace Music is still, however, only available in the US.