According to reports circulating on the internet today, is so close to launching its Unbox Video digital download service, it may announce it today.

A quick bit of sleuthing by us found that the Unbox Video site looks almost ready to go live.

We can view all the videos in all categories, but the links to the download lead to nothing, and clicking on titles brings us to the DVD store, rather than the digital downloading store.

Individual TV episodes are priced at $1.99, while films are priced anywhere from $7.36 for a film called “Swordfish,” up to $16.87 for “Silent Hill.”

More mainstream films are also available; “Failure to Launch” is listed for $14.87, while “12 Monkeys” are $9.99.

The site is’s answer to the rumoured Apple iTunes movie download store, which may be launching at an event next week.

Clink on the


to see a preview of Unbox Video.