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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon has admitted that the migration of Comixology to the retailer's website and app relaunch haven't gone as smoothly as it had hoped. And that the "current experience needs improvements".

It shuttered the original Comixology mobile app earlier this year and moved the web store to be a fully integrated part of the Amazon retail site. However, a number of bumps along the way have left digital comic book fans disappointed.

For example, we found that the new app didn't remember our progress in a significant number of our own comics and series. Others have complained about the web reading client. While Amazon's search has been throwing up incorrect content when looking for comic books and graphic novels, including non-fiction books.

A lengthy thread on the official Comixology Twitter feed lists a number of fixes that the team are working on.

The changes will include a way to filter comic book content in the Kindle mobile app, to either show it more prominently or hide it entirely.

Fixes will be pushed in the "coming weeks" so look out for them.

Writing by Rik Henderson.