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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon has announced a rename of its current Fire for Kids (in the UK) and FreeTime (in the US) offerings. Those services will now be called Amazon Kids, with the Unlimited version now known as Amazon Kids+.

The move sees a simplification of the branding that Amazon applies to controlled spaces for child users, with the Kids+ service allowing access to a wide range of age-appropriate content for a monthly fee. The regular Amazon Kids service will still be free.

The idea behind Amazon Kids and Kids+ is to give control to parents, allowing them to lock down a Kindle or Fire tablet and know that the child can only access appropriate content. It gives lots of controls to parents, while giving the child a UI that's simpler and only filled with the right content.

The Kids+ service provides a little more freedom, allowing access to curated content, like games, movies and books, including Audible titles.

The offering is also expanding, with a new home screen experience for children aged 8+ to make it a little more engaging for them and looks that are more grown up, while there's also an expansion of the content that's available for older children under the Kids+ subscription.

The Amazon Kids experience isn't just limited to Amazon's devices as you can also get access to the app on Android and Apple devices.

Amazon Kids+ costs £1.99 a month for one child if you're a Prime member, or £3.99 a month if you're not.

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Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 11 September 2020.