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(Pocket-lint) - Back in October last year, Twitch starting a closed beta to let select streamers host watch parties for their followers, watching and reacting to a movie or TV show from Amazon's Prime Video library together. 

The feature looks like a reaction to the ever-growing importance of non-gaming streams on the platform, with more and more viewers attracted to Just Chatting streams or other interests aside from gameplay.

Watch Parties is now officially rolling out to all Twitch accounts, letting them host screenings for content from Amazon Prime Video for their followers, and mirrors a feature that Amazon activated for Prime Video directly earlier this summer, which let people watch with their friends and family. 

The logic here is that people with Twitch Prime accounts also have Amazon Prime accounts, so naturally have access to the video being streamed from Prime Video.

However that gets a little messy when it comes to viewing streamers working in different countries, where shows might not be similarly accessible. After all, different streaming libraries in different countries aren't new concepts.

In a case where your favourite streamer from abroad is watching a show or movie that isn't on your country's service, you won't be able to access the stream while it's playing, regardless of your subscriptions. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Editing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 3 September 2020.