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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon has announced it is introducing a completely redesigned Amazon Alexa app for mobile devices. The company clearly realises users launch the app when they want to do something with Alexa, like find their Alexa alarms, so it's making it easier to access the assistant and the features you love.

What's new in the Amazon Alexa app?

The Amazon Alexa app for iPhone, Fire tablets, and tablets and phones running Android is receiving an update that puts your most-used features up front.

Personalised home screen

In the new Alexa app, your home screen is tailored to you. You might see your reminders, playlists, shopping lists, alarms, or even and an Audible book. You might even see controls for settings frequently accessed, including the volume level of your connected Echo devices, Amazon said. In other words, your Alexa home screen will totally different from another user's home screen, as it's designed to surface what you use most often.

For first-time users, the Alexa app will offer suggestions on what to do. For instance, you may see tips about playing Amazon Music songs. The more you use the app, the more personal your home screen will become. You will also notice that the Alexa app has moved third-party skill suggestions from the home screen entirely -- perhaps indicating people don't immediately search or use skills when they open the app on their devices. 

Alexa button up top

Amazon is moving the Alexa button to the top, rather than the top, purely so that it’s easier to find. This big button essentially invokes Alexa if you tap it. However, you can simply say “Alexa” to get started with Amazon's assistant as well. You can learn more about this "hands-free" feature here.

Also, since the Alexa button is at the top of the screen, the navigation bar added a new button - Play - to encourage media playback.

Rearranged settings options

Finally, several options that used to be in the Alexa app's side menu - such as reminders, routines, skills, settings, and other options - are now located in a new “More” button found at the bottom of the app's screen.

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When will the new Alexa app be available?

The new Amazon Alexa app for mobile devices will be available to all existing users by late August.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.