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(Pocket-lint) - Twitch might be a behemoth in the livestreaming and esports markets, but it's small fry when it comes to physical sports, and that's something Amazon seems keen to change.

It's announced today a bit of a revamp for Twitch's sports channel, /twitchsports, which will see the channel show more sporting content and showcase partnerships with teams around the world.

Real Madrid and Arsenal are already on board from a football perspective, having each invested in their livestreaming arms in the last year or so, and Twitch says that Paris Saint-Germain and Juventus will be joining very soon. These clubs will each be broadcasting exclusive content and premieres on Twitch, and seeing that content highlighted on the sports channel. 

This is all gathered under a new category for streams - Sports, which should group together all of these quasi-real world engagements in one place.

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With Amazon making fairly siginificant investment in this area over the last couple of years, showing events from Premier League matches to Tennis majors and producing documentaries as well, we presume that it's a matter of time before official live matches from various leagues are more regularly playing out on Twitch. 

Another side to this is that more and more athletes and players are realising the power of streaming for their personal brands. From the likes of Lando Norris in F1 to a variety of footballers starting to participate in gaming tournaments, it's proving a success. Twitch will be hoping that only continues from here. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Editing by Stuart Miles.