Amazon is constantly coming up with new - sometimes odd, sometimes innovative - ways to get you to buy stuff on its site.

Remember the Echo Look? It's one of Amazon's lesser-known Echo devices. Its sole purpose is to suggest new clothes for you to buy. It uses a "Style Check service" that combines machine learning algorithms with advice from "fashion specialists" to give you style advice. The Echo Look never really went anywhere, but that isn't stopping Amazon from releasing another new tool designed to get you to buy clothes it recommends.

Its latest effort doesn't require a specific Echo device, thankfully, but rather the free Amazon Alexa app. At its re: MARS 2019 conference, Amazon announced an new product, called StyleSnap, that - like the Echo Look - uses AI to make fashion recommendations. You simply click on the camera icon in the corner of the Alexa app and take a photo of an outfit you'd like to wear. Amazon will then serve up similar clothing items.

AmazonAmazons StyleSnap tool uses AI to find clothing in photos image 2

Using deep-learning technology, StyleSnap can tell the difference between, say, a flare dress or a slip dress. It can also detect colours and patterns. The  feature, which Amazon told us is now live in the Alexa app for iOS and Android, will also consider things like brand, price, and customer reviews.