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(Pocket-lint) - It shouldn't come as a surprise anymore to learn Amazon is moving into new territory and attempting to disrupt another industry or rival.

The latest example, for instance, is that Amazon reportedly plans to launch a new chain of grocery stores later this year. There will be about a dozen locations, positioned around major US cities, according to The Wall Street Journal. But the most interesting part is that these stores would be separate from the company’s existing Whole Foods chain and its cashier-less Amazon Go stores.

Amazon apparently wants to make a dent in the physical grocery market, which rivals like Walmart and Kroger now reign over. To help accomplish this goal and quickly expand its physical footprint, Amazon might rely on acquisitions of smaller grocery chains. Little else is known at this point, including whether Amazon's new stores would feature the Amazon brand name or a new sub-brand.

The Wall Street Journal claimed Amazon has already signed leases in a few cities, including Chicago, San Francisco, and Seattle. Notably, it currently operates existing Whole Foods and Amazon Go locations in those cities. Amazon also reportedly wants to offer standard grocery items that you can't find in Whole Foods, which carries mostly organic foods and less mainstream food brands.

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It's unclear if these stores would feature Go cashier-less technology, but Amazon supposedly wants to offer customer service and pick-up options in its new stores, in order to better compete with delivery offerings from Walmart and so on.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.