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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon has launched a new section of its site. It appears to be a home shopping channel of sorts, reminiscent of QVC or HSN. 

From what we can tell, the site is used to promote products on Amazon.com. The live stream we're currently watching is a demo of the Pono Board, a posture correcting device you can stand on while working. Below that stream, there are other live streams we can jump to, including "Valentine's Day Gift Shop", which has a panel of hosts sitting on a set decorated with hearts and flowers.

We're guessing more than one video streams at a time so shoppers can tune into whatever interests them. Just tap or click on the different videos available. Below each stream, there is a carousel of the products being promoted, whether it's a bath bomb set or a shiatsu foot massager. In other words, this is a lot like popular networks in the US that broadcast products you can buy online or by calling.

TechCrunch spotted Amazon's new site, which is called Amazon Live, and noted it’s not listed yet in Amazon’s main menu, so it's hard to find. Amazon also has an app, called Amazon Live Creator, so various merchandisers and brands can record their live streams, get questions from customers, and demo products. Amazon is even recruiting YouTubers; there's a Back to Business stream with YouTuber The Deal Guy. 

Each show goes through about 30 products per stream, and in every one, the hosts talk about the products. Plus, in between the live segments, there are adverts for even more products you can buy on Amazon. For instance, while we were watching, we saw an ad for Echo Dot.

What is this? An ad within an ad? It's like the movie Inception. 

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Editing by Stuart Miles.