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(Pocket-lint) - Want to see how a couch on Amazon might look next to a table or lamp you also like on the site? Just bring up Showroom and put them together.

Amazon's vast catalogue of third-party products has grown a lot in recent years, adding more clothes, home decor, and whatnot. And as a way to get you to buy these items, Amazon's been rolling out new features. For instance, Amazon Prime Wardrobe lets you try on clothes before you buy them. And the Amazon Echo Look helps you to see clothes that best suit you. Now, with Showroom, it's turning its focus to furniture.

Like it's done with so many other industries, from books to groceries, the online retailer is attempting to disrupt the home furnishing market. Showroom is a new feature on the Amazon website and app. It essentially lets you place items into a virtual living room and see how well they fit together. You can adjust the look of the flooring and walls to mirror your own living room and easily change out items from Amazon's inventory.

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Third-party items include couches, chairs, tables, lamps, rugs, and art. But you can also try out Amazon's own Rivet and Stone and Beam brands. Showroom even lets you save multiple room designs. And if you like what you see, you can easily cash out. While Showroom isn't an augmented reality tool, it reminds us of the Amazon AR View feature that's already live the Amazon app and lets see how an item might look in your home.

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Amazon knows it has to make the online shopping experience as comfortable and seamless as possible if it wants to be successful in its efforts to disrupt various industries. And Showroom is the latest example of how it's trying to do just that. 

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published on 4 January 2019.