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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon, for the first time, has revealed how many people subscribe to Prime, and it came close to revealing the same for Amazon Music.

The company, which just released its annual shareholder letter, said the subscription service has 100 million paid members globally. In addition, according to CEO Jeff Bezos, Amazon shipped over five billion items all around the world in 2017. This is all a huge indicator of the service's growth, considering rumours previously suggested Prime was hovering around 60 million subscribers.

The 13-year-old service is available in multiple countries around the globe, and millions of members have signed up to receive its swathe of benefits. It's a paid membership that, for an annual or monthly fee, gives access to a number of Amazon services and enhancements, including same-day or two-day delivery, Prime Now, Prime Music, Prime Video, Twitch, and so much more.


Now, we no longer have to wonder whether Amazon Prime is successful or compile a bunch of stats to figure out how many people subscribe to it. Amazon's officially confirmed the number, which equates to about one-third of the US population. Since it costs $99 per year, that's pretty impressive. Bezos also told shareholders that Amazon Music has "tens of millions" of paid subscribers.

That means, over the past six months, membership for the music service has more than doubled. It offers more than two million music tracks to listen to on demand, streamed over the internet to any one of multiple devices. It is included with a Prime subscription, but you can also choose to pay extra for a Music Unlimited pass to expand the music choice to more than 40 million tracks.

Music Unlimited costs more for non-Prime members.

Writing by Elyse Betters.
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