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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon may be developing its own messaging app, to rival apps such as iMessage, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Called Anytime, the app will reportedly be available across iOS, Android and even desktop, and will combine features of many of the other most-used apps.

The news comes from AFTVNews, which has gained the news from a leaked customer survey, asking which features are most important to users.

The survey doesn't tell us when we can expect to see the new service hit the various app stores, but it's believed it could be ready soon.
Amazon Anytime is said to have basic functions such as text messaging, voice calls and videos calls, but the way in which you message someone is a little different to some of its rivals.

Instead of needing someone's phone number, like you do for WhatsApp for example, you will instead be able to @ mention someone, like you would on Twitter, to bring them into a conversation. It may therefore need to rely on other social networks you're signed up to to get your contact information.

Conversations can be colour coded to help differentiate them, and you will be able to send photos and videos, with filters applied, and even play games within chat threads.

Anytime will also tie in with businesses, so you will be able to book a table at a restaurant for example, and shop, with a heavy tie in to Amazon highly likely.

Amazon recently announced Alexa Calling and Messaging, a platform for messaging between Echo devices and the Echo app on iOS and Android, so it may not come as a real surprise that the company is working on a service that can be used by everyone. However with no more information other than the customer survey, it's anyone's guess when Anytime will launch.

Writing by Max Langridge.