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(Pocket-lint) - Remember the movie Clueless?

One thing that always stuck out in that movie was Cher's automated closet and nearby computer that would show what each outfit looked like on her and allowed her to mix and match pieces. It'd be a dream come true for anybody - man or woman. Unfortunately, that doesn't fully exist yet, but Amazon has developed a new "Outfit Compare" tool that does something kind of similar, as spotted by TechCrunch.

In the latest version of the Amazon shopping app, Prime members can upload two pictures of themselves in different outfits and then the app will tell them within a few minutes which one looks better. The results, which are "powered by a team of fashion specialists", consider all sorts of metrics, such as fit, colour, style, and current trends in order to serve up a score on the "Style Scale".

You get a ranking from “Definitely pick this one” to “We like this better” or “It was a close call”. Amazon said "qualified" staff may also be viewing your photos, and that full-body photos work best. So, don't upload headshots. Currently, Amazon isn't even recommending new clothes to order, so it's unclear why the retailer has quietly rolled out such a feature (unless they're Clueless fans, too).

It might just be collecting data to improve the types of fashions it offers. We've contacted the company for a comment and will update when we know more. If you want to try Outfit Compare, use the Amazon for iOS app. Then got to Menu > Programs and Features (or More from Amazon)> and Outfit Compare. It'll roll out to Android soon.

Keep in mind Amazon also just updated its main shopping app (the iOS version in the US, anyway) to include its Alexa voice assistant.

Writing by Elyse Betters.