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(Pocket-lint) - It's not Black Friday, it's not Cyber Monday, it's not even as if Christmas was that recent anymore yet still Amazon is having a sale of sorts.

For today only, Friday 20 January, the online retailer is offering £10 off orders placed for over £50.

So why is Amazon being so generous? Apparently this is a thank you to its customers after it won a survey conducted by The Institute for Customer Service.

So how do you claim this money off your next Amazon order? Simply make sure you have over £50 worth of goods in your basket when it comes to checkout. Then enter the redeem code "BIGTHANKS" and the saving will be applied to your order.

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What's the catch? The basket must be filled with physical goods sold through Amazon. So no digital items or gift cards, these won't have the discount applied to them. Also anything sold by a third-party won't have the money off. Fair enough really, other retailers can't be expected to foot the bill for Amazon's offer, right?

The offer also doesn't apply to items available for pre-order, it has to be available to buy right now and you only get one chance to use the discount, so make it count!

So if you've got something sat in your Amazon basket that's been there for a while and you've just not had the excuse to go to the checkout, this might be the time to get ordering.

If you want some inspiration of what to buy to take advantage of Amazon's generosity, we've put together a list of some perfect products.

Writing by Max Langridge. Originally published on 22 January 2016.