(Pocket-lint) - Amazon Video has a great selection of titles, from classics like Mad Men, to new hits like Bosch or The Man in the High Castle and Clarkson's new venture The Grand Tour. But it's not the simplest service to use.

Amazon Video comes as part of the Prime subscription, or as a separate Video subscription, giving you access to a range of free content. However, the service also includes rental and purchasing options, if you want to watch something like the latest blockbuster movie.

For Apple users, watching Prime Video is relatively easy. You install the app from iTunes, sign-in and that's it, you can start watching.

But in the Android world, things are far from easy. Amazon's video service has the feeling that it was designed for its Fire family of devices, and only exists on Google Android devices with some reluctance. That's probably true, but let's not dwell on that.

It's a fiddle, but it's easy enough to bring it to any Android device, following these simple steps.

How to install Amazon Video on Android

  1. Download Amazon Video 

    The app isn't in the Play Store, so you need to install it from Amazon's own app selection. However, you need to install the Amazon Underground app first, as this acts as a conduit to Amazon's other apps, as well as Amazon shopping. To do this, point your device browser at http://www.amazon.com/apps and click on Amazon Underground to download the app.

  2. Enable Unknown sources install

    Because you're downloading the apps from an "unknown source", i.e., not the Play Store, you'll have to change the security settings on your device. Head to Settings > Security > Unknown sources and toggle on. This will let you install Amazon Underground.

  3. Install Amazon Underground

    Head back to your downloaded Amazon Underground app and tap it to install it. You can find it either in the notifications area following download, or head into the apps tray and open Downloads. You'll find the Amazon_App.apk there. Install it.

  4. Install Amazon Video app

    Open Amazon Underground and sign-in. Then search for Amazon Video. It's the video app. Tap on the app and you'll see the option to install it at the top of the page. This will download the Amazon Video app and then install.

  5. Amazon and chill

    Remember to stay safe, head back into settings to disable unknown sources.

Need more help? Click through the gallery for step-by-step instructions!

Writing by Chris Hall.