Amazon has been offering trade-ins for books and games for many years now, but as of the end of August it will be closing the service for good.

Previously, owners of games and books could get credit on Amazon for their used items, with the amount determined by how good a condition it was in or how old and popular. It was an ideal way of getting rid of unwanted items and getting something new in return.

Now game owners will have to either sell their items on the Amazon Marketplace, eBay or seek out a specialist high street shop, such as Game.

Amazon will be accepting submissions for trade-in items up to 31 August, but not beyond. Submitted items will need to be sent within seven days of the submission being accepted.

Amazon gift cards issued for trade-ins will remain valid.

The company has not revealed why it has closed its trade-in service but Pocket-lint did notice that certain games were not being accepted over a month ago. We thought this announcement was on the cards even back then.

It asked us if we wanted to sell our item on the Marketplace instead, which is obviously the way Amazon wants to go.