Amazon has long offered a cloud-storage service, but now, for the first time, it's getting a bit more fully featured and useful for people who primarily work from their phone or tablet.

Amazon's cloud-computing division - called Amazon Web Services - is a $5 billion-and-growing business. So, knowing that, it's strange to realise the company has just now released mobile apps for its Cloud Drive service. Previously, Amazon only allowed customers to manage their storage on the web or with desktop apps.

Called Amazon Cloud Drive, the app are available for iOS, Android, Amazon devices. They let you view your folders and content saved in storage. You can also share or link to files, like PDFs, spreadsheets, and images, as well as stream stored music and videos. But that's it. You can't upload, sync, move, or edit files.

There are other specific apps from Amazon that you can use to control things stored in your Amazon Cloud Drive, including Cloud Drive Photos and Prime Music, but it would still be nice to have a rich, one-stop shop kind of app.

amazon s cloud drive app is finally here but you can t do much with it image 2

Although Amazon's Cloud Drive service is cumbersome to use when you're the type of person who likes to manage and organise and access and play with all your files on the go, it's still one of the more affordable storage options out there.

Unlimited storage for all file types costs just $59.99 a year through Amazon.

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