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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon announced yesterday that it bought Twitch. This has clearly rubbed some people the wrong way as the site has been hit by a denial of service attack.

Amazon announced its purchase of the gaming video streaming service for almost £600 million. Now Lizzard Squad, the same group that recently claimed to have attacked Sony's PS4 network, have hit Twitch. The DDoS attack has sent Twitch.tv offline completely.

Why would Lizzard Squad attack a service that helps gamers share videos of their button bashing efforts?

As Pocket-lint pointed out yesterday Amazon's purchase could have been a shrewd move to make money from advertising. He said: "Amazon has bought itself a massive audience of games players and therefore potential games buyers… Indeed, many of them are viewing live footage for that exact reason, to see what a game is like before they take the plunge. So slap on a 'buy here' button and Bob's your uncle."

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This commercialisation of a platform that was built for gamers could be why it's now under attack. The thought of having to sit through lots of adverts or having items to buy thrown at you constantly might be too much for some.

When the DDoS attacks will stop isn't clear. It will be interesting to see how Amazon reacts to the attacks.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Editing by Stuart Miles.