Amazon has launched a way for shoppers to buy goods they see linked to on Twitter.

If a tweet contains a product sold by the online retailer, all you have to do is reply with the hashtag #AmazonBasket (#AmazonCart in the US) and the item will automatically be added to your Amazon account shopping basket.

You will need to link your Twitter and Amazon accounts first, and when they are you will be notified when you have successfully added a product to your basket through the @MyAmazonUK Twitter account (@MyAmazon in the States).

A confirmation email will also be sent.

Users can then purchase the stored items whenever they like.

To qualify, product links need to have their Amazon link in the original email.

Not only do we think this is a great way to automate an interactive response through the social network, but it might well be the first instance of a genuinely useful hashtag we've encountered in ages.