ComiXology, the super popular comic book app, was bought by Amazon and has now had in-app purchases shut down on iPhone and iPad.

Comic book fans that have been using the app for years are obviously furious. They are now required to buy comics from the Amazon website before going back into the app to sync up their device to read the comic.

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Why? Amazon doesn’t want Apple taking its 30 per cent cut from the app in iOS. It seems Amazon would rather keep its profits from the competition than offer a better service to its users.

The Kindle app, iPhone and iPad apps all don't allow purchases from within ComiXology.

So what's Amazon doing about the clearly disgruntled users? A $5 credit for their hassle. Good luck plugging that hole, spewing comic geek rage, with a single note Amazon. We suspect this isn't the last we'll be hearing on this subject.