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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon is planning a music streaming service to take on Spotify and Rdio, according to Recode. 

The new service is said to be being offered by Amazon to members of its Prime yearly subscription service. It's not clear when the music streaming service might launch - possibly this year, says the publication - and Amazon is reoirted to have begun shopping around big music labels to make it happen. 

Amazon currently offers television shows and movies through Prime, so it makes sense that the Washington-based company wants to do the same with music. It could also be a way for the company to justify its recent price hike for Prime, moving it to £79 in the UK, from the £49 it was previously. A price change hasn't gone into effect in the US, but industry insiders have pointed to a hike to $119 a year from $79. 

Specifics of the music streaming service haven't been detailed, but to be competitive, it would have to be cross-platform and offer a wide range of music like established players already on the market. Google is also tipped to launch a similar service sometime this year. 

Adding a music streaming service to its arsenal could help with Amazon's living room attack. The company is rumoured to launch a video game console/set-top box to customers in 2014. 

Writing by Jake Smith. Originally published on 27 February 2014.