Lush, the cosmetics company, has trademarked Amazon UK managing director Chris North's name for use on its toiletries. It did so in retaliation after Amazon refused to admit that selling non-Lush products with the description "lush" was wrong.

After 17 written attempts to get Amazon to stop, the dispute went to court.

Lush's husband and wife creators, Mark and Mo Constantine, said by trademarking "Christopher North" and putting it on toiletry products they were trying to make him realise how it felt. Mark Constantine said they did it to "make a point about how upsetting it is to have something personal to you, used by someone else".

While it was done only to get Amazon's attention at first, the refusal to admit wrong has driven Lush to consider putting the "North" products on sale. After a three-year legal battle the company might now sell products including a North shower gel described as "rich, thick and full of it".

amazon boss north s name used on lush toiletries after labelling row image 2

Constantine even managed to have a dig at Amazon's tax avoidance past, describing the product on the label with "Top tip: Kindle a new love for your skin, it's not taxing to take care of your skin with this product packed with Amazon Prime ingredients."

Christopher North is reportedly "hopping mad".

If the bright pink North shower gel does go on sale all proceeds will go to good causes. Mark Constantine has already talked with tax avoidance protester UK Uncut to help.

He finished an interview with The Guardian saying: "Now I've said this to you, they will no doubt give us another whopping with a stick."