Amazon has again released its shopping statistics for the holiday season, including how often shoppers bought, when they bought, and what they bought. And this year has some record-setting figures, as well as some further evidence that consumers are embracing mobile devices over computers when it comes to online shopping.

Specifically, Amazon reported that more than 1 million customers across the globe became new Prime members in the third week of December, and that the entire 2013 holiday season was the best ever for Amazon. It sold more than 36.8 million items on Cyber Monday, meaning shoppers bought a record-breaking 426 items per second.

Amazon also claimed to have sold "millions" of Kindle eReaders and Kindle Fire tablets this holiday season. As usual, the retailer avoided giving specific sales figures for its eReaders and tablets. Speaking of tablets, there is one major interesting tidbit in Amazon's statistics report: More than half of Amazon customers shopped using a mobile device such as smartphones or tablets.

In fact, Amazon customers ordered more than five toys per second from a mobile device between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. This mirrors an eBay survey from earlier this month, which claimed Brits are shopping more because of the convenience of tablets. Sixty per cent of all tablets bought on eBay from August to November were smaller tablets, for instance, and most Brits said they would do more Christmas shopping with their new tablet.

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As for what most shoppers had on their Christmas lists in 2013, Amazon said the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gaming consoles were so popular that customers bought more than 1,000 units per minute at the peak of sales for each console. Other hot tech gear included the Kindle tablets, Samsung 32-inch Smart LED HTDV, Samsung Chromebook, Canon EOS Rebel T3i, and Call of Duty: Ghosts for Xbox 360.