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(Pocket-lint) - Bitcoin, the online currency, has been getting a lot of attention lately. And with that attention has come more users. As the currency gains popularity more companies are starting to accept it as a form of payment. Just the other day a Tesla Model S was bought with Bitcoins.

So if you were one of the lucky lot to buy early and now have virtual coin to splash about, here’s a few options.


Star Trek official uniform

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It’s a close as you’ll get to joining Starfleet without living a few thousand more years. While we’d go for the blue or yellow versions you could always give the gift of red to someone you don’t like. The old ensign uniform of death for any away party. Pick yours up here.

Virgin Galactic flight

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What better way to pay for one of the first commercial flights into space than with a virtual currency that only exists digitally? It’ll cost you the equivalent of £156,000. This could be a reality for those few far sighted folk that bought Bitcoins early and are rich now as a result. Most of those people were probably buying drugs, since Bitcoin paid for little else back then, so getting on board with them could be more trippy than you bargained for.

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Microsoft Xbox One

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There’s an option for buying anything using BTC Globe. This company will buy any product you find online after you pay for it with Bitcoins. So grab the Xbox One link from Amazon, drop it into BTC Globe, pay with Bitcoins and wait for it to arrive. So simple it’s hard to imagine why more people aren’t using it.

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Build a PC

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You can buy all the parts to construct that ultimate gaming machine you’ve always wanted. And you can get it all without using a penny of physical money.

For 0.12 BTC (£48) you can buy 8GB of DDR3 RAM, and a 2TB internal hard drive can be had for 0.2216 BTC (£88), while an Intel Xeon E3-1220 3.1GHz processor will cost 0.3048 BTC (£124).

Experience the future of search with Huawei's Petal Search

There are plenty more gadgets to be bought from BitCoinStore.

Fly with Bitcoins

Online flight booking website CheapAir.com started accepting Bitcoins only around a month ago and has already taken well over $7,,000. While the anonymity of using Bitcoin keeps the buyer's identity hidden the person flying will still have to divulge their details, obviously. This started after a customer asked to pay with Bitcoins and the tech-savvy CEO heard saw an opportunity.

Electronic cigarettes

Now you can even buy electric cigarettes with an electric currency. And the man selling them has gone a step further and set up BuyByBitcoin which sells a wider range of products. It’s a bit like a Bitcoin version of Amazon. Get electronically smokey with OzeCigarettes.

iPad 2

This is an old iPad, which just goes to show that Bitcoin might not be as useful as the hype around it might make it seem. Apple’s slate will cost you 0.5636 BTC (£245) which isn’t bad for an Apple tablet, even if this one is a little dated now. Check out ByBuyBitcoin for more deals.

A Subway sandwich

This isn’t a gadget but deserves an honorary mention for any gamer needing a quick-grab bite mid-game. You can buy freshly made food using the future currency. Well you can if you’re in Allentown, Pennsylvania. A BLT on 9-grain honey oat will cost you the same as it would in dollars which works out to 0.006 BTC (£2.50).

Sapan Shah, the shop owner, says that on average he gets three or four customers a day paying with the currency. And it’s a seamless payment using the smartphone app Coinbase.

Writing by Luke Edwards.