Amazon's film and series production arm has come up with a new project, but this time it's for screenwriters rather than viewers.

Introducing Amazon Storybuilder. Amazon Studios has announced this new product as a way for screenwriters to lay out their scripts via notecards on a virtual corkboard. The notecard method is a popular method of outlining a screenplay, and Amazon Studios wanted to make it digital for screenwriters.

All digital notecards are saved online in the cloud, instead of on a physical board, so users can access their projects anywhere. Users can log into Amazon Storybuilder on their computer, tablet or smartphone. The result allows them to more easily capture beats and review their story while on the go.

Amazon Storybuilder follows the launch of Amazon Storyteller, Amazon Studios’ first script development tool that launched last June. Like Amazon Storyteller, Storybuilder is free and online. It's currently an invitation-only beta, and simply gives screenwriters the ability to add text and images to notecards.

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Anyone invited to use Amazon Storybuilder may also invite others to look, provide feedback, or share new ideas. Check out the Amazon Storybuilder website for more information on how to get started.