In reaction to the news that Amazon is testing autonomous drones to deliver packages 30 minutes after a customer has ordered, UK bookseller Waterstones has created a spoof video saying that it too will be adopting a flight-based delivery service, OWLS.

Standing for Ornithological Waterstones Landing Service, OWLS will use, well, owls to deliver books to your door. And there is a promotional video now on YouTube that explains the practice.

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Unfortunately, we won't see Waterstones' drones-rivalling service for a number of years as spokesman John Owls explains: "It takes ages to train owls to do anything, and we only thought of it this morning." Brilliant!

Waterstones also allayed fears that the proliferation of owls in UK skies could increase the risk of an attack by our feathered friends. "The Birds is fiction, this is the real world. Everything will be fine," it said to Digital Spy.