Amazon is reportedly talking to the Transport for London about converting some ticket offices in Tube stations into pick-up lockers for commuters.

In 2015, some parts of the London Underground will switch to a 24-hour service, and to pay for that extended service TfL plans to close manned ticket offices in stations in favour of the automated machines and Oyster card points that are already taking over.

It is in these locations that Amazon hopes to capitalise, offering drop-off points for goods ordered through the online retailer.

London Mayor Boris Johnson is in favour of the 24-hour operation of the Tube network, claiming that businesses in London will benefit. "It will be hugely valuable to London's economy, which is increasingly a 24-hour economy, interacting with time zones around the world," he said.

It will be a costly endeavour, however, and that has led to Underground bosses seeking financial and commercial partnerships.