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(Pocket-lint) - After a successful launch in the US a month ago, the Amazon Cloud Player desktop client for PC and Mac computers is now available in the UK.

The free app is available to download for from Amazon.co.uk and once installed offers a direct connection to all the music you have stored in the Amazon Cloud locker. That includes tracks you've bought on Amazon and any that have been added to your account through Amazon AutoRip.

As Amazon AutoRip gives you all tracks in digital form of participating physical media, whether that be on DVD or vinyl, you will find you have access to music you might have bought for a loved one or friend. We've acquired a few albums this way, which is nice.


The new player also offers somewhere you can play your iTunes music, even when offline. The MP3 store is integrated, so you can buy music from the client. And the music library is always kept up to date - even if you've ripped a CD to your computer, it will be immediately accessible.

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There is an export function, to allow you to download and export your Amazon-bought music to other players. You also get a playlist creation function.

"Cloud Player offers customers the easiest way to enjoy their music and was introduced to support our goal of enabling Amazon customers to enjoy all their music, wherever they are, and on any device," said Steve Bernstein, director of digital music at Amazon EU.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Editing by Stuart Miles.