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(Pocket-lint) - Grab some popcorn, then kickback and relax. The first three episodes of Alpha House are now available on Amazon for your viewing pleasure, with the remaining episodes set to release every week on Friday.

Amazon Studios - an Amazon.com division that develops comics, movies and television shows from online submissions and crowd-sourced feedback - revealed earlier this month that Alpha House, its first original series, would debut on 15 November. That day has finally arrived.

Alpha House features an all-star cast, including actors such as John Goodman, Mark Consuelos, Clark Johnson, Matt Malloy, Cynthia Nixon, Amy Sedaris, Wanda Sykes and Julie White. It is written and co-produced by Academy Award nominee and Pulitzer Prize winner Garry Trudeau.

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Amazon decided to make the first three episodes of Alpha House available free of charge to all Amazon customers. To watch the show, just access the Amazon Instant Video app on Kindle Fire, iPad, iPhone, Roku, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, Wii U or any other connected device. Amazon Instant Video is also available online at www.amazon.com/AIV.

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If you want to watch the rest of the season for either show, you'll need to become a paid Amazon Prime subscriber. One episode of each show will debut weekly, exclusively on Prime Instant Video. Customers who are not already Prime members can register for a trial at www.amazon.com/prime.

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Under this type of model, Amazon hopes to drum up viewer numbers and anticipation. It probably also wants to hook viewers into an Amazon Prime subscription. But the company has previously admitted that it's open to other ideas: "We’re constantly experimenting and trying new things - and we’re eager to hear customers’ feedback on this model.”

Writing by Elyse Betters.
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