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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon in the UK has announced that it is now offering digital downloads for video games and software - 13 years after it started selling them in the UK.

In an attempt to keep up with the times and allow people to start playing games or using their new software as soon as they purchase it, Amazon is listing some 600 titles to start with, including Tomb Raider, Far Cry 3, The Sims 3, Borderlands 2 and Mass Effect 3.

Boosting the catalogue further, Amazon will also offer a number of free-to-play games such as Stronghold Kingdoms and Second Life at its new Free-To-Play Store.

Customers can download free games as well as purchase in-game content such as points, game objects or currency, and have them instantly accessible in-game. 

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In addition to the extensive offering of video games, a broad range of software packages is being made available including Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, anti-virus and security products from Norton and Kaspersky, business software from Sage and language learning software from Rosetta Stone.

Amazon says that all software and video game downloads are stored for free in the customer’s own digital library, where they will be able to review product keys and re-download their purchases at any time

The new download stores are found at www.amazon.co.uk/digitalgames and www.amazon.co.uk/softwaredownloads

Writing by Stuart Miles.
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