Lovefilm is pulling out of the game rentals by post business, confirming that it is no longer offering the service for new members, or as an option for existing members looking to change their package.

News leaked out before Lovefilm had officially made any comment on the situation and currently, we're still to hear exactly what the situation will be for those currently on a game rental package. Lovefilm has posted a brief message to its website apologising for the failure in communication regarding the situation, which was publicised via Twitter.

The page reads: "We're very sorry if any information about service changes reached you by third party or media reports, rather than first coming from us. We strive to communicate directly with our customers before releasing any wider statements concerning your Lovefilm service."

The FAQ section of the Games section of the Lovefilm website simply states: "We are no longer offering games rental packages to either new customers, or those who wish to change from a non-games package."

Which is then justified by Lovefilm saying: "In order to give the best possible service that we can, we are looking to focus on our strength, which is providing the best selection of film and TV content for our customers, and making it available whenever and wherever you want it."

Lovefilm, which is owned by Amazon, offers movie rentals via post, as well as streaming services on a number of major platforms, except, notably, Android, where there's no direct streaming app. Currently the Amazon Kindle Fire family, which is based on a custom version of Android, integrates Lovefilm streaming, but it's not an option for regular Android users.

Lovefilm had recently secured a number of exclusive streaming deals as it looks to battle with services like Netflix.