Amazon has expanded GameCircle support beyond Kindle Fire to all Android devices.

The service, which is akin to Apple's GameCenter, launched a year ago with support for Kindle Fire only, and it offered Whispersync technology for syncing data - ie, progress, achievements and leaderboards - between devices. Now, GameCenter's latest update also adds conflict resolution.

The new feature is technically an upgrade to Whispersync, as it auto-resolves data conflicts between mobile devices and the cloud and queues updates to support offline operation. It also brings a more simplified interface for faster integration.

Amazon announced the GameCircle changes in a blog post, clarifying that the result allowed customers' game data to sync automatically across devices -even if offline. The update also provides "flexibility when it comes to GameCircle display options, with no intrusive splash screen and configurable notification toasts".

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Amazon's GameCircle is useful for gamers who want to delete and then reinstall titles, and it's ideal for gamers who constantly switch between devices when playing a title.At launch, it featured games from Imangi Studios, Game House and more. Now over 500 different Kindle Fire titles are available with Whispersync support.