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(Pocket-lint) - With Amazon launching its AutoRip service in the UK and several other regions in Europe today, to add to its already established US version, there has been considerable focus on the company's Cloud Player.

AutoRip MP3s and those bought on the retail site are automatically stored in the online digital music locker to be played through multiple devices, including via a web browser, Amazon's own Kindle Fire range, plus iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. However, while that covers the main ones, not all devices have access. Windows 8 (soon to be 8.1), for example, or Windows Phone 8.

While the former can hook up to the browser versions to stream tracks (and download them to play in other music players), many firms are creating dedicated applications for Microsoft's PC and tablet operating system, those that make use of its design aesthetics and other interesting baked-in features. In addition, Windows Phone has, in the first quarter of this year, leapt over BlackBerry to become the third most popular platform for mobile devices.


That's why, when Pocket-lint had a chance to chat with Steve Boom, Amazon's vice-president of digital music, we asked if the company planned to introduce dedicated applications for other platforms, highlighting Windows 8 and Windows Phone especially.

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"I don’t have anything to announce specifically on that, but I can tell you that our focus is on being platform agnostic," he told us. "That is different from other locker providers. It is important to us that customers get access to their music however they choose. And we’ve been on a steady path of making it available on additional platforms.

"Right now, we’re really the only major provider to service the major mobile operating systems - iOS and Android. So I don’t have anything to say about Windows other than it would sit well in our strategy to do something like that."

Amazon AutoRip is now available in the UK. For every participating CD or vinyl record you buy, you will receive MP3s of the tracks free of charge, automatically stored in your Cloud Player. More than 350,000 albums are currently AutoRip-enabled and even eligible discs and records you have purchased in the online retailer's entire lifespan will be included.

Writing by Rik Henderson.
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