Amazon on Thursday launched a dedicated storefront for independent games.

Called Indie Game Store, the marketplace essentially helps developers promote their Mac, PC, or browser-based games through Amazon. A few of the notable indie games at launch include Don’t Starve by Klei Entertainment, FTL: Faster than Light by Subset Games, and The Bridge by The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild.

The new store boasts all the filters and categories of other Amazon hubs, but it also provides an Indie Spotlight page for interviews and biographies of developers. There are even featured game bundles with five, six or 10 titles for just $9.99.

Amazon also designated an Indie Gamer's Choice section that basically pits two indie games against one another and allows players to vote for their favourite title. The store will then feature the winning game. 

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Amazon has launched the Indie Game Store with sales for over 200 individual games, and it will provide free codes until 17 July that allow players to redeem three pre-selected titles after purchasing any indie title.  

So, for those interested in independent gaming, Amazon's Indie Game Store is full of familiar titles and even some unknown ones looking to find a fresh audience.