Amazon is to take on Dropbox, iPhoto, and Flickr with a new photo-sharing app for the iPhone called Cloud Drive Photos.
The new app, which is available now via the iTunes App Store, allows you to back-up your photos from your iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC to a dedicate storage space on Amazon's servers. 
Photos can be accessed via your phone or a browser and shared via the usual array of social options like Facebook and Twitter if you want.
The service comes with 5GB of storage, enough for about 2,000 photos, and you will be able to upgrade the storage options for those with more shots.
Additional storage space costs $10.00 (£6.50) a year for 20 gigabytes, or 100 gigabytes of storage for $50.00.
A quick play with the app and it's clean and easy to use with images on your camera roll being imported instantly. All PhotoStream albums are kept. 
Users can look at their pictures either one by one or as a sliding panel. 
Further settings include the ability to automatically upload shots taken with the camera on your phone, or to restrict that to only when you are on a Wi-Fi connection.