Amazon has updated its Cloud Drive app to allow for any files to be synced across all of your devices. The new syncing feature makes it better fit to take on Dropbox, iCloud  and Sky Drive. 

Files can be uploaded and accessed on Cloud Drive from any computer, Kindle Fire or mobile device using your Amazon ID. Amazon will provide 5GB of free storage to users when they install the Cloud Drive application for Windows and Mac.

Like Dropbox, files placed in a specific Cloud Drive folder will be uploaded to the service and automatically synced on other devices where the Cloud Drive app is installed.

Comparatively, Apple also offers 5GB of iCloud storage free of charge, but Amazon goes all the way up to 1TB of free storage for the media junkies in the crowd.

If you find yourself deeply entrenched in Amazon's ecosystem or looking for cheaper cloud storage, Amazon's Cloud Drive may be the way to go.