Amazon has unleashed a version of its Amazon MP3 store specifically optimised for Apple's iPhone and iPod touch's mobile web browser, allowing customers to discover and purchase music easier via mobile. 

In our brief testing of the new HTML 5 page, when a song is purchased it is quickly added to a user's Cloud Player library to be downloaded on all devices, including iOS and Android devices, Kindle Fire, Roku and Sonos. Songs can also be streamed from the web.

Amazon MP3 has a selection of 22 million songs and two million albums. It can be pretty competitive with iTunes and Google Play, offering free music from rising artists, $0.69 songs, and $5 albums. Some users may appreciate the web page just for a quick way to get cheaper music. 

Amazon also makes an Amazon Cloud Player app available for iOS devices, allowing customers to playback their collection from the cloud.

There's no word on UK availability for the webpage -- currently the desktop version still loads. However if you're located stateside, you can access to try it out.

Do you still purchase music?