Amazon's Cloud Player service has gone live in the UK, Pocket-lint can confirm. The new service, which has been available in the US for some time, will allow users to store there music in a locker in the Cloud to be accessed via the web or dedicated apps on their smartphone.

Users in the UK will automatically have all purchases they've made in the past with Amazon stored to their account before being prompted to sync songs from their computer or phone.

The free service, which is similar to iTunes Match, will allow you to store around 250 songs (5GB) before prompting you to upgrade to the premium service that costs £21.99 a year. There is additionally a storage service for those who also want to store documents with Amazon in the Cloud. Songs you buy from Amazon don't count towards your total storage allocation.

"Customers can store up to 250 imported songs for free in Cloud Player or, for £21.99 a year, store 250,000 imported songs in Cloud Player. Amazon MP3 purchases do not count against these limits," Amazon has told us. 

Amazon's Cloud Drive service offers a range of packages from £6 for 20GB to £64 for 200GB. You'll get 5GB free to start you off. 

The service is expected to be officially announced today, ahead of the roll out of the new Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire UK October release. Amazon customers can log in now to get started.