Amazon looks set to open up its Appstore to Europe, meaning customers will be able to download Amazon apps to both Android phones and tablets.

The US has already been privy to the service, which works in a similar manner to Android’s Google Play app store, it having been launched in March 2011

News of Amazon Appstore's impending arrival in Europe has led to speculation that we could soon also be getting our hands on the Kindle Fire, with Amazon rumoured to be keen to tackle dwindling sales by opening it up to a bigger market.

Amazon is said to be looking at launching its European Appstore and taking its Kindle Fire across the Atlantic later this summer, but will it be too late? 

Google is thought to be putting the finishing touches to its own 7-inch Nexus tablet that would put it in direct competition with the Amazon Kindle Fire.

Do you think Amazon should launch its Appstore here in Europe? Would you buy the Kindle Fire if it arrived? Let us know.