Amazon is well in truly embracing the spirit of Christmas. Or, rather, embracing the fact that people around the world are going to spend a whole lot of money on its website - with the launch of the Amazon Santa app for iPad and Kindle Fire.

The app is a Yuletide themed wish list maker for kids which allows them to create lists and share them with their parents. Presumably because they'll need to cough up the money to pay Santa and his elves to pick up and deliver the items from the Amazon warehouses. Or something like that.

The Santa app is packed with toys, movies and TV shows, books, music, and video games. And, should the little 'uns ask for so much stuff that mum and dad's bank balance won't suffice, the lists can easily be shared with grandparents and rich aunties and uncles.

"Sometimes Santa can use help sorting out what gifts to give everyone and this new app makes it easy and fun for kids to create their perfect Wish List," said Sam Hall, director of Amazon Mobile.

"We've selected more than five-hundred thousand of the hottest kid-friendly holiday gifts and made it fun, easy and intuitive for kids to find exactly what they want. The Amazon Santa app is also a great way for parents to spend some quality time with their kids and help make certain there's a smile Christmas morning."

The Amazon Santa app is free, and available now.