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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon - specifically the Amazon subsidiary A9.com - has just announced a brand new iPhone app that will allow you to scan items from the shop floor and receive review info and an alternative Amazon price for the product, all from the comfort of your, eh... mobile phone.

The new app, called Flow Powered by Amazon, will allow you to search for millions of products out there in the real world - a very scary place - using your phone. Everything from books to bikes, DVDs to doorknobs will be included.

Now Google has been sporting something similar for a while now with its Google Goggles app, however this Amazon Flow app appears to be highly specific to shopping in that it'll return reviews and prices - basically any Amazon information. This also includes the option to play multimedia content.

Bill Stasior, president of A9.com stated: "This is our first step towards integrating product search technology with augmented reality. The integration of a live camera display, graphical overlays, and visual recognition technology creates a seamless experience for a customer looking to discover information about objects in their physical surroundings."

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The app will also allow you to share any worthy bit and pieces via Facebook and Twitter.

Looks like it's a US-only app for the moment but likely as not the UK will be following shortly.

Writing by Ben Crompton. Editing by Stuart Miles.