Lovefilm is hitting the iPad - the latest platform for the movie rental service's streaming arm.

The app, titled Lovefilm Player for iPad, has hit the App Store and allows for all the usual VoD-based gubbins such as pausing, rewinding and checking trailers. There's also a section to update your DVD wish list.

Also, to the delight of teenage girls everywhere, the app will have exclusive streaming access to The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. RPatz is just so dreamy... or so we're told.

Simon Calver, CEO of Lovefilm, said: "In the process of making our service more portable than ever before, Lovefilm on iPad is the latest exciting step in giving film fans total control over their viewing schedule and our commitment to expanding the ways in which members can stream movies on a range of devices."

It certainly beefs up the iPad's ever growing video-on-demand credentials. Not only is there a tasty BBC iPlayer app, there's 4oD and iTV Player too - plus Sky Go has been downloaded more than a million times.

The streaming fun from Lovefilm on your 9.7-inch Apple toy of choice (it works on both iterations) is available now. You just need a Lovefilm deal of £5.99 per month or more to join in. The app itself is free.

Lovefilm is also available, in its streaming form, on the PC, connected TVs and the PS3.

Also, take a look at this App of the Day from back in 2010 - Lovefilm's first crack at the iOS arena.