In the middle of August the last thing that kids want to be thinking about is school. But that hasn't stopped Amazon from announcing its latest iPhone app - Amazon Student.

With the September back to school week looming on the horizon for kids across the land, the Amazon Student app should take some of the pressure off of packing that all important first day bag.

The app will allows students to check out the prices of stationary and books, trade textbooks and, for tax-dodgers, sorry - further eduction students - will also have a section on bedding for getting their dorms up to shape.

"Students care about getting the best deal possible on their textbooks and all of their dorm essentials, and now they can easily compare prices and save money no matter where they are," said Julie Todaro, VP of Books at Amazon. "Plus, for eligible textbooks, when they're done with the book, they can scan the barcode, see the trade-in price, and submit the books for trade-in with Amazon, all right from their phone."

The app also allows students to join the Amazon Student program, which offers college students (in the States) free Two-Day shipping on "millions" of products.

The app is free and in the App Store now.