Not content with opening an Android app store to rival the official Google platform, Amazon has only gone and launched its own Apple-centric software hub - the Mac Download Store.

The Mac App Store competitor is live in the US now, and offers Mac users the opportunity to directly download programs, games and apps to their MacBooks and iMacs, without needing to go through the official Apple channels.

Within its 250+ apps (which included around 50 or so games) are a number of applications that do not appear in the Mac App Store either, including some pretty big titles such as Office for Mac 2011.

The price of the downloadable Microsoft suite package (Home & Student) edition undercuts Apple's offering somewhat as well. At $115, it is almost $35 cheaper than the physical edition on sale at the Apple Store.

There are no automatic updates, a la Apple, with the Amazon downloads - although you can re-download apps for free if you've already forked out.

Will this move go down well at 1 Infinite Loop? Not likely and Apple and Amazon are already at war with regards to their app stores; over the use of the name.

Do you think the Amazon Mac Download Store is a good idea? Will you use it, let us know the usual way....