A nice looking service has now gone live for Amazon Premium member customers called Prime Instant Videos - well it's fantastic as long as you're resident in the US.

Unfortunately the service is not available in the UK, and so any premium member, presumably shelling out a considerable annual fee, won't be able to access the 5,000 top-draw movies, ready to be streamed, for absolutely nothing.

When we contacted Amazon's UK office to get some info on when UK customers could expect the service, we had the all-too-familiar, "We don't comment on future products". Well it's certainly not a future product for those in the US, so although we're very happy for you chaps over the pond we can't help feeling a little miffed - especially as we were met with such a poor answer.

The Prime Instant Video service will range in its content; covering both TV programmes and movies. You can sign up for full membership now, and there's a 1-month free trial at the moment if you fancy giving it a test run.

When Amazon does finally decide to make an announcement as to UK availability, it'll be interesting to note how and if it incorporates its purchase of Lovefilm, although Lovefilm being such a strong brand it would be a bold move for them to openly incorporate it.

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